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Expert SEO Consultancy Services, Done Right.

Want an SEO consultant who was a former Head of SEO at an award winning large UK agency?

I can provide expert one-off and retainer based SEO consultancy for businesses located in the UK.

My Approach

All of the services I offer as part of my SEO consultancy are all focused on developing organic growth and delivering a return on your investment.

I offer a bespoke approach to each business, as what I need to consult on could differ from business to business. For example, local businesses would differ to national e-commerce businesses. Or one business may need more support on content strategy than the next.

When working with me, whether that’s for a one-off service or on-going retainer, you can be assured that you receive:

  • A personable and friendly approach.
  • The same level of expertise as an agency, but working with just one person.
  • Available for calls & meetings Mon-Fri 9-5.
  • Quick responsiveness to requests and changes.
  • A clear focus on ROI.
  • Bespoke reporting.
  • Quarterly strategy reviews (retainer based).

What I Offer

There is not a one size fit’s all to SEO consulting, which is why I offer bespoke SEO consultancy packages to suit your business needs.


I can provide a one-off consultancy service which involves 1 hours prep, a 1 hour call followed by a written report with a series of recommendations for you to implement.


If you require consultancy but on a more semi-regular basis, that’s no problem! I offer a pay as you go service, or paid blocks of my time as and when you need it.

Retainer based

The most popular, and most suited service for medium to large enterprises is a monthly retainer over a fixed period where I will work closely with your team and developers.

Ready to hire your next SEO consultant?

It’s just one form submission away. Just let me know your company name, budget alongside what services you’re interested in, and I’ll be in touch usually within 1 working day.


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An SEO consultant provides an SEO (search engine optimisation) service to all kinds of local and online businesses. They utilise their knowledge and skills to improve your website rankings, organic visibility and your online revenue through best practice techniques that confirm to Google’s own guidelines. 

Consultant costs for SEO services can vary between consultant, but generally speaking you’d expect to pay anything between £500 per month to several thousand pounds per month depending on the size of your website, the size of your competition, and what requirements are needed in order to achieve your organic growth goals.

Hiring an SEO consultant can provide many benefits, but of course it needs to be right for your business. Benefits can include:

    1. SEO consultants come with a wealth of experience, often working across multiple sectors. They know what work’s and what doesn’t.
    2. SEO consultant’s can provide another level of expertise that you simply will not get by doing SEO yourself. Consultants have worked for years and years doing SEO and it’s not something you can pick up overnight.
    3. SEO consultant’s can provide a real return on your investment, working with you and your business to achieve actual revenue growth through delivering a bespoke SEO strategy.
    4. When you hire an SEO consultant, you’re working with one person, who will have the time to properly understand your business model. Working with agencies means you’ll be working with several people and that time understanding the business gets diluted.


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