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Would you like to work with a former Head of SEO at an award winning large UK agency, who trained and mentored the technical SEO team.

I specialise in providing and executing bespoke freelance technical SEO services for businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

My Approach

I see technical SEO as the foundations of your website. Without a strong foundation you cannot expect your website’s organic traffic to grow, just like a skyscraper cannot be built without strong foundations.

When conducting technical SEO audits, rather than send a large list of recommendations that are 30 pages long, I focus on a smaller number of manageable recommendations that will actually make a difference.

All too often I have seen technical SEO audits focus on areas which require a large amount of investment of time and resources for developers, with little or no business case behind it of the ROI.

That’s why I focus on what can be done and what can make a difference first and foremost. The priority is always getting technical SEO recommendations actioned as soon as possible.


Technical SEO can be broken down into two main areas. Foundations (or blocking factors), and Optimisations (or factors of improvements).

First and foremost, you want to ensure that there are no technical issues holding back your website, or pages from being accessed, crawled, indexed by search engine crawlers.

Secondly, there’s improvement factors, and these are typically things like page speed and core web vitals. Headings and Title Tags can also play a role here in improving clickability.

What I Offer

I offer a variety of technical SEO expert services, and can tailor to your business needs.

One Off

I provide a one-off bespoke technical SEO audit service at a fixed price. This includes a full report and recommendations for your marketing team and developers.

Ad Hoc

If you require technical SEO but on a more semi-regular basis, that’s no problem! I offer a pay as you go service, or paid blocks of my time as and when you need it.

Retainer based

Most suited service for medium to large enterprises is a monthly retainer over a fixed period technical SEO forms part of a wider SEO strategy and service retainer.

Ready to work with me on your technical SEO?

It’s just one form submission away. Just let me know your company name, budget alongside what services you’re interested in, and I’ll be in touch usually within 1 working day.


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Costs for a freelance Technical SEO consultant can vary. One off audit fee’s typically start from around £750 – £1,500 and can go up to several thousand depending on the size and complexity of the website.

Technical SEO audits for larger sites could also span over several months.

Typically, you can expect around 12 weeks from implementation of any Technical SEO recommendations to start to have a positive impact. However, in some cases you can see almost immediate results. It really does depend on the technicalities of the issues being resolved, the size of the website, and the strength of the competition.

It’s also work noting that implementation of technical SEO often also requires buy in from developers, especially for larger sites.


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